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CTi® Custom

CTi braces provide the ultimate combination of stabilization and protection of the knee joint. This truly custom-made brace uses Accutrac® hinges with extension stops to glide with the knee and breathable liners coated with bio-insert Össur® Sensil® Silicone to reduce migration and skin irritation. Reversible field-serviceable buckles and trimmable straps facilitate fast adjustments and customised fit. CTi custom braces are available in 3 models - Vapour, Standard and Pro-Sport - and can be further customised with a variety of options, colours, designs and/or accessories.

  • ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotary and combined instabilities
  • Vapour model for low to medium impact levels
  • Standard model for medium to high impact levels
  • Pro-Sport model for highest level impacts

CTi® off the shelf (OTS)

COutfitted with anatomically correct Accutrac® hinges and flexible cuffs and buckles, the rock-solid CTi carbon frame provides a rigid exoskeleton that stabilises the knee joint. Breathable liners coated with bio-inert Össur® Sensil® Silicone® ensure CTi remains properly positioned on the leg, for optimal functional benefit.

  • ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotary and combined instabilities
  • All activity levels
  • Standard model for medium to high impact levels
  • Pro-Sport model for highest impact levels

Unloader One® Custom,
Unloader One® off the shelf (OTS)

Unloader One® is a comfortable, lightweight, low-profile brace that provides excellent suspension and unloading leverage. This lightweight brace preserves the clinically-proven Össur® Unloader 3-Points of Leverage design by incorporating Dual Dynamic Force Straps that are easily fine tuned via a Dynamic Force Control System. Colour-coded Quick Fit Buckles simplify application and removal, while flexible shells and breathable liners, coated with Össur Sensil® Silicone, improve comfort and reduce migration, helping to ensure patient compliabce. Recent research demonstrates that Unloader One reduces pain, improves function and decreases the use of pain medication.

  • Mild to severe unicompartmental osteoarthritis
  • Unicompartmental knee conditions requiring load reduction, such as;
  • Articular Cartilage Defect Repair, Avascular Necrosis or Tibial Plateau Fracture
  • Thigh circumferences of 13.5" to 29" (34.3cm to 73.5cm) and calf circumferences of 9.8" to 24" (24.9cm to 61.5cm)
  • All non-conteact activities

If you require a professional brace fitting or knee assessment, contact the clinic direct on 02380 863 854 or contact Ossur 08450 065 065

Dynamics are a Private Referral Pathway (PRP) in association with Ossur. This ensures that products are fitted correctly to give you the support and protection you need in a knee brace, whether you are suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee or wish to protect your knee ligaments on the ski slope.