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Winter Sports

Our therapists are experienced in working with winter sport participants, from elite Olympic-level skiers and snowboarders to once-a-year holidaymakers.

Two people skiing down a mountain

You don’t have to be an elite skier or snowboarder to come to the clinic. It just means you benefit from our expertise and knowing that we have trained the very best at Olympic level.

Preparation is essential

Start training as early as possible before your holiday.

‘Prevention is better than cure’ is such a true saying. Our clients are always surprised at how the winter sport specific training we provide has a direct influence on their technique.

Winter sport holidays are expensive so it makes sense to prepare and get the best out of it.

We enjoy sharing our knowledge to help you enjoy your winter sports holiday.

Here’s what one of the elite athletes we work with has to say:

“Preparing physically for a winter sports holiday can reduce your chances of getting injured” – BILLY MORGAN, Olympic Bronze medallist snowboarder